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On January 4, 1961, 59 students were enrolled as first formers in the old Methodist Manse. The first Headmaster, Mr. W. H. Middleton, a Welshman, was a senior master at Clarendon College prior to this appointment. The school started with three full time teachers offering a full secondary curriculum. Each new year resulted in a continuous expansion of the physical facilities and an increase in the student and teacher population. During the first years there was heavy reliance on expatriate specialist teachers.
Abrahams, Dorette
Anderson, Martha
Anglin, Winston
Bogle, Bentley
Bogle, Joy
Brown, Phyllis
Campbell, Norval
Clarke, Donovan
Connell, Richard
Dacres, Clover
Edman, Michael
Foxton, Trevor
Hibbert, Lois
Kelly, Earl
Lee, Valerie
McFarlane, Lloyd

McPherson, Ceva
Newsome, Winnifred
Matalon, David
Morgan, Euclin
Peart, Angelita
Pinnock, Beverley
Smellie, Dennis
Spencer, Radcliffe
Stewart, Rosemarie
Stone, Hector
Taylor, Edrich
Thomas, Veronica

Walcott, Dorothy
Welsh, Cynthia
Whittle, Delrose
Wilson, Avis
Wilson, Lincoln