Morant Bay High School Alumni Association Official Website
Twelve years ago, 6 past students living in Toronto met at a friend's home for a get together. After reminiscing about their days at MBHS they decided there was a need to give something back to their Alma Mater hence, the Association was formed.
To promote academic, cultural, philosophical, social and physical development for the betterment of Morant Bay High School.
To foster and maintain good relationship between past students and by working together to provide financial and educational resources to our Alma Mater.
To be of assistance to Morant Bay High school, and to make charitable donations to the students, as deem necessary from time to time.
To provide moral and physical support to fellow members (Metropolitan Toronto and neighbouring communities).
To use the support of the Alumni to promote the well-being of the school in particular, it's members and the Jamaican community (Toronto) in general.
To provide recreational activities for its members and create the opportunity for social contact and fellowship with members of other alumni.