Morant Bay High School Alumni Association Official Website
The MBHS Past Students' Association (Jamaica) started in the early 1970's under the leadership of Errol Duncan. Their aim was to encourage giving back to the school, that has provided them with their education foundation and to maintain contact with all students who attended Morant Bay High School. This group included Hilton McWhinney, Emerson Henry, Gene Douglas, Marine Richards-Cunningham and Glen Brown.

After a period of inactivity in the 1980's, the association was re-launched with a new purpose as a result of the bad publicity the school was receiving in1993. The institution was shutdown by the students and teachers in protest of the then principal. A group of past students recognized the plight of what was happening at the school decided it was necessary for them to reclaim our beloved institution. This group led by Emerson Henry, along with Gene Douglas, Glen Brown and a few others made representation to the Ministry of Education and the Board, which brought an end to the problems.

The association continues to work with the school helping both financially, intellectually and giving moral support. We are committed to serving this institution in ensuring that all students of Morant Bay High School are privilege to the best education available in Jamaica.

MBHS Past Students' Association Jamaica hopes to have the support and commitment of all past students, especially those of you residing in Jamaica. Let us work towards the improvement of our alma mater, Morant Bay High School.
To maintain a register of all Past Students.
To encourage and foster the interest of Past Students in the School
To raise funds to be used for the benefit of the School and for such purposes as the Association may consider appropriate
Generally to promote the Welfare of the School and the Association
To foster and/or support any charitable or benevolent cause that the Association may approve
Election and Term of Office:
Officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Members. Officers shall be elected for one year term in the first instance. The President may hold the same office for three years only, which he must stand down in respect of that office for a period of at least one year.
President: Carlene Swaby
Vice President: Hugh "Trouble" Thomas
Immediate Past President Everton Simpson
Secretary: Jacqueline McDonald
Assistant Secretary: Melesha Pryce
Treasurer: Gene Douglas
Assistant Treasurer: Mrytle Halsall
Public Relation: Noel Walder
Assistant Public Relation: Sonia James Sonia James
St. Thomas Representative: Maxine Sephestine Maxine Sephestine
Decade Representatives:
1960's Marvel Gray
1970's Louis Moyston
1980's Newton Nelson
1990's Melesha Pryce
" Curtis Wallace
2000's ----------------------
Membership/Dues Collection Chairman Brian James