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The school board is the governing body of the school. All policies, infrastructure development, strategies and disciplinary actions are formulated at the board levels. The board ensures that policies of the Ministry of the Education are instituted. The principal is responsible to carry out the directive of the board. Final staffing decisions such as the appoint of Prinicipal are made by the board. Administrative and promotion decisions are finalised at the board levels based on the recommendation of the principal. Disciplinary actions against students who have committed serious offenses which warrants expulsion are expected to present their case before the board. The board is the final court of appeal for students and members of staff. The Chairman of the board is appointed by the Methodist District.

Rev. Phillip Robinson Chairman

Mr. Winston E. Clarke Deputy Chairman

Rev. Jacqueline Liddell
* Mrs. Valrie Marshall-Lodge Principal

Mrs. Sylvan Monteith

Mrs. Valerie Holness

Mrs. Joyce Facey
* Mr. Neville Stewart

Mr. Basil Powell Secretary/Bursar

Miss Victoria Clarke

Mr. Clive Larmond PTA Representative
* Mr. Devon Blake
* Mr. Luther Cummings
* Mr. Michael Coates
* Miss Carlene Swaby Past Students' Association

Mr. William Higgins
* Mrs. Ceva McPherson-Kerr

Mrs. Gene Flemmings
* Represent past students who are serving on the board in different capacity.