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By participating in organize sports, youth increase the opportunity for physical activity, coaching, and guidance; being part of a team, skill development, and a substantial time away from "negative recreation" (drugs, violent conflicts, or sexual activities)........

Our Objectives for 2003-2004 Season:
1. To place in top five (5) at Boys Champs with Champion Boy and Record Holder(s).

2. To place in top ten (10) at Girls Champs with at least one class champion.

3. To win Eastern Champs convincingly

4. To gain at least four (4) selections on the Carifta Games Team.

5. To gain at least two (2) selections on the World Junior Team.

6. To implement the Nutrition Programme for the Track Team.

7. To start the "Adopt an Athlete" programme with the past student (on the website).

2002-2003 Season Highlights
Eastern Champs:
i. MBHS won the Boys section and placed second in the Girls section and lost the Championship by six (6) points.

ii. Boys - Ackeem Smith was voted Champion Boy, with Sherwayne Kenton voted first Runner up.

iii. Girls - Tashieka Beckford was voted Champion Girl with four of our other girls tied for first and second runner up.

Boys/Girls Champs:
i. Boys - placed 11th scoring 36 points, gaining two (2) Gold medals and two (2) Silver medals. Wilbert Walker was named Champion Boy of the Championship.

ii. Girls - placed 13th; scoring 28 points; gaining one (1) silver medal and reaching nine (9) finals).

National Team Representatives:
i. MBHS gained two places on the Jamaica Carifta Team to Trinidad, Wilber Walker won Gold in the penthalon and Kimona Smith won two Silver. Medals in Long Jump and Triple Jump (breaking the record along with the winner).

ii. Wilber was also a member of Junior Pan Am Team to Barbados but did not perform at his usual high standard because of an injury.

Penn Relays:
i. Gained a Silver Medal in the long jump and second in the 4 x 400 heats.