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The Morant Bay High School Alumni Association view career management as a lifelong undertaking....
Our Objectives:
To help 3rd formers in choosing a career path and make decisions as to what subjects they will need in order to move into the area of study they have chosen.
help 5th formers to make decisions about further studies and/or integrating into the working environment.
Special Thank You:
On behalf of the Third Year Students and Teachers of MBHS, we at the Morant Bay High School Alumni Association express sincere thanks and appreciation to all the MBHS Past Students who have participated in Career Month 2003. You have indeed left many young minds with a renewed sense of pride for MBHS and have motivated many to a new challenge that they too can achieve much in life, as you have all done. Also, a special thanks to Maxine Sephestine for doing an excellent job in helping to coordinate, decorate and providing us with all the pictures for our website Photo Gallery

We hope that this is the start of a new trend, where you come back to MBHS each year to share your professional experience and superior business connection. The students were motivated by your presentations, and we are all looking forward to having you back next year. Thank you again for a job well done.
Are You A Student?
The earlier you start to develop a career focus and build your contact network, the better chance you have of getting the best job for you.
For Additional Information Contact:
Maxine Sephestine
Cell: (876) 361-2951
Home: (876) 982-6961
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