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Light of the world, from whom all truth proceeding
Dawns on each heart that humbly seeks Thy face
Lowly we wait on Thee, and Thine hand leading
Follow Thy guidance to Thy holy place.

In Thee O Lord, had all their beginning
In Thee, at last, shall all things find their end
Thou knowest all; and we, our knowledge winning
By Thee alone its widening bounds extend.

How marvelous the wonders Thou hast taught us
And still dost teach us each succeeding day
From darkness into light Thine hand hath brought us
To fuller light directed all our way.

Not ours to know all truth, there lie around us
Unmeasured heights above and depths below
Thee would we know; Thy love which sought and found us
Shall teach all else, 'tis meet that we should know.

Though dark the path, before us brightly burning
Thy lamp lights up our footsteps through the night
From Thee we came and unto Thee returning
Light of the world, we find in Thee our light.