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Special Programs

Juliet Cuthbert, one of Jamaica's most decorated athlete and an alumna of Morant Bay High School, at the 40th Anniversary Banquet, Juliet personally launched the Howard Jackson Memorial Fund for needy track and field student attending Morant Bay High School. She said the fund will be launched with an initial amount of US$500 being offered each year.
She will spearhead continuous fundraising activities to sustain growth of his endowment. Attending the function was the wife and daughter of Mr. Howard Jackson. Juliet will tell you that her track career and her success is owed in no small part to her Morant Bay High School coach, Mr. Howard Jackson.
Details of the program will be clearly defined by Juliet in the near future.
Other Special Programs (details to follow soon...)
  • New York Chapter Scholarship (NY based program)
  • Adopt An Athlete (Jamaica based program)