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Mr W. Haydn Middleton the founding Headmaster said Morant Bay High School in its early years complimented the academic curriculum for students with social development and extra curricular activities. He also said the school laid down strong and sure foundations for its future. A truism if ever there was one.
In 1977 those principles were put into play when the then Vice Principal and coach of the Girls Athletics team Mr. Howard Jackson brought Juliet Cuthbert from Port Morant All Age School to Morant Bay High School. Mr Jackson saw her performance in track at Port Morant and decided she needed the nurturing, care and development of our school to bring to the fore the talents demonstrated at the early age. So today Juliet have epitomized what Morant Bay has stood for for over 40 years.
1977-1980 MBHS track representative in 100 & 200 meters at Easter Championships, Gibson Relays and National Girl Championships
1978- New 100 meters record of 12.3 seconds at GIrls Championship
1979- New 200 meters record of 24.5 seconds at GIrls Championship
1980 At age 16, Moscow Olympics, reserve member of the 4x100 relay team
" Migrated to join her mother in the USA
1982- Received scholarship to the University of Texas
1983- Bronze Medal - 4x100m relay team - Helinski World Championship
1984- Semi-finalist in 100m - Los Angeles Olympics
1989- Seventh in 100m - Seoul Olympics
1991- Gold Medal in 4x100m relay and 7th in 100m final
1992- Double Silver Medalist; - 100m and 200m at Barcelona Olympics
" First female athlete to accomplish this feat for Jamaica
1996- Semifinalist in 200m and 7th in 100m finals
1997- Silver Medal in 200m at the World Indoor Championship
Juliet will tell you that her track career and her success is owed in no small part to her Morant Bay High School coach, Mr Howard Jackson. Juliet is indeed one of those students "that responded well to the desire of their teachers to establish high standards of excellence in all aspects of school life." Quote from founding Headmaster W. Haydn Middleton.

Juliet retired from active participation in track and field in 1999 due to an injury. Today as a mother of son Troy, and a husband to worry about she still continue to give support to the sport she loves. As a manager at Management Plus Ltd., she recruits, promotes and markets athletes in track and field.

We salute Juliet Cuthbert for her outstanding contribution to the field of sports and for making Morant Bay High School proud to be associated with her name. Morant Bay is happy to have been there for you.

By: Mrs. J Stevens